Sunday, October 25, 2009

Reader's Advisory-A Recipe for Finding Good Books


Thousands of readers
Millions of titles
One host site
A dash of creativity
A cup of connectivity
Bake forever at a constant temperature for people to enjoy sharing their favorite books.

Yields: Goodreads

The best social networking website to share your favorites and not so favorites, to interact with authors, and to keep track of your library, especially if your real home library looks a mess like mine.

Visit my virtual library by searching "Vy" and joining my friends list. The Goodreads site links books to Amazon and the World Catalog, so you can view exactly where copies of the book are in your area. Wow, the world is getting smaller.

Join my online book club.
Click on the link above.
Create an account.
Search "Vy's Book Club".

Read and share today.

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