Monday, November 10, 2008

A kid's Library Shelf

Building a child's personal home library is the gift that grows with the children in your life. Think of all the children in your life. Books are a powerful gift for birthdays, Christmas, graduation, or any other special occasion. The children in my life expect books from me. One year I changed gears and was surprised to see disappointed faces. Now I get requests or hints for certain books, even complete sets of books.

Buy kids what they want and like to read. Pique their interest with a visit to a book signing sponsored by a library or bookstore. Teach children how to take care to their books. Talk to parents about a bookshelf for older kids or a bookbag for younger kids.

Always personalize the books. You can add a bookplate or write a message to the kids. (Some collectors say personalized books are devalued.) Don't forget bookmarks and booklights as well.

By the time the special children in your life reach 18, they will have a collection of books that chronicle their life, growth, and your love and committment to them.


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